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CSV Import into Microsoft Access

Do you find yourself importing CSV data into Access on regular basis? Is the import process a lot steps, running queries manually and constantly repeating the same steps over and over again?

Why Access code may be your best option

Access is uniquely poised to take your CSV data and provide a great user experience through code. In many instances the whole process can be automated to just one button push, saving you hours of time. Coding will mean not having to remember steps or doing something out of order and having to start all over again.

Use these techniques to code a better solution

  • First, document all the steps to import your data: what file location you’re importing the data from? What queries are you using to correct, transform and import the data?
  • Once you have documented the steps create a simple form and place a button on it that will automate the process.

Does this sound daunting? It can be

How daunting will depend on the complexity of your data and your knowledge of Access, but once you have completed the project you will LOVE the ease of use and achieve the following benefits:

  • Multiple users at once can enter, edit or import data at the same time.
  • Improve the productivity of users by reducing the number of steps or time needed to import, manipulate .

Help is available – we can program Access to import any data

IT Impact can provide your organization with a great quote to automate your import process, allowing your firm to leverage the data and improve productivity. Fill out the form and we will contact you.